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Our Sacred Land
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Re: Our Sacred Land
Sep 05, 2011, 18:56
Gwass wrote:
Thanks June.

I agree whole heartedly. Unfortunately the politicians signed away any right to limit movement from within the EU. It's clear that our infrastructure isn't able to cope with the numbers here so everyone suffers. Also why allow hundreds of thousands of economic migrants when we have 3million unemployed? It's crazy they're just joining the dole queue straight away.

I know there are bigger problems than just our love of the countryside and particularly prehistory but it demonstartes how overpopulation affects so many things and aspects of life. I read that we need c100,000 new houses per year for the next 25 yrs (don't quote me on that) to cope with the numbers of people arriving. How that isn't going to have an impact on our countryside & therefore threaten ancient sites is beyond me.

We need brave people to tackle the situation propperly as it needs to be rather than small minded people stifling any debate with ideological & false cries of racism.

I don't want to get into a debate about whether someone is being rascist or not but do feel that there is a lot of myth surrounding economic migrants and would just like to correct an error you made.
These are the rules regarding economic migrants and "dole" as you called it.

What about entitlement to benefits?
Migrant Workers
The rules are complicated and can be different for different groups and nationalities. Foreign nationals are not entitled to benefits when they are seeking work, unless they have already worked here and are temporarily unemployed. Citizens from the A8 countries for example, become entitled to benefits and housing if they are self-employed here, or if they have a job and register with the Workers Registration Scheme. Once they have been working lawfully for a year they no longer have to register when changing jobs and they become eligible for benefits when temporarily out of work as well as when working.
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