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Re: Conspiracy confirmed
Sep 13, 2011, 21:34
goffik wrote:
For the record, the sockpuppet I'm referring to hear is AveburAntiquities - not Stupidhead. That one came from yet another forum.

G x

For the record, i've posted on TNA as aveburyantiquity, i guess that's what G is referring to, the people who own that site are not aware that is me, i also own another forum, i'll not post a link, though i can assure you people there are just as puzzled as to stupid heads identity, you've intimated you've read there, so you should know that. ; )

Btw, i find this whole episode rather pathetic, i left because i had enough of the constant tit for tat, and some of my insulting replies to the 3 stooges were disruptive to genuine members just wishing to share megalithic experiences,it's a shame i keep having to come back to put the record straight, due to one person. ;)
Maybe he could refrain referring to me, then i can go back to my retirement. ?
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