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Re: Conspiracy confirmed
Sep 14, 2011, 00:14
juamei wrote:
megaonceagain wrote:
juamei wrote:
megaonceagain wrote:
megaonceagain wrote:
goffik wrote:

Nope, just takes ages to respond when your jumping through proxy hoops. :)

Btw, i forgot to add, go over all my posts, i never shy away from anything i post, posting anonymously is for cowards.

After being e-mailed screenshots of the latest round of insults, those by stupid head, it made me wonder how yourself, an Ed and Stupid head happened to be online at the same time so early in a morning. !

Food for thought there, maybe G. ; ) ?

And someone taking screen shots?!??!? It's becoming clearer and clearer that all TMA posters are one sad person with access to a lot of email accounts and proxies who likes to talk to themselves.

Haha, there's at least two individuals here Jamie, both get along rather spiffing in real life too.
Hope you and yours are well. :)

No there aren't, stop lying to yourself and yourself and yourself and...

Anyway, i'm done here, i hope, sick of having to make new accounts now.
Lets see if goff can play nice from now on, and stop wasting my fucking time, i doubt it though, i'm sure he has a crush on me and misses my posts. :)

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