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Re: Conspiracy cupcakes
Sep 14, 2011, 23:44
The Eternal wrote:
StoneGloves wrote:
I agree with this post entirely ...

I, too, agree with that post.

I know of a number of TMA posters who are also members of HA, and they do not get involved in any of this type of arguing. I do not know them personally, as I have never met them, and I have never met any other person from TMA. I am not a member of HA myself.

I therefore have nothing against HA, but I can see why some TMA members may perceive HA as the enemy, as some (a minority) of HA members do tend to stick together when the arguments arise. That is understandable when HA is directly attacked, but not otherwise, unless there is a gang mentality. It also winds me up, too, and I have got involved in the past, but have recently resisted, as I realize it achieves nothing for either side. However, TMA can't be grouped similarly to HA, as the TMA member isn't necessarily a member of anything other than TMA, which the HA members are also. So, it's a bit different to, say, supporting two different footy teams. However, some TMA members do unite against HA.

I know, it's a bit of a diatribe, this, but bear with me.

This obviously does HA no favours, and is probably one of the reasons why the other HA members don't get involved, apart from the fact that they probably have no desire to. Nor does it do us TMA people who argue with them any favours either.

The TMA site in general, and its members (both HA and non-HA), suffer in a collective way, in that the Forum is shedding posters faster than a mighty oak sheds leaves in an autumn gale. Both sides of this TMA v HA argument stand to win nothing. Far from it.

The TMA Forum used to be a happy, informative place. What has happened, or evolved, isn't unusual, as I have heard from other people, and seen similar in various other forums. It is what happens when posters aren't face-to-face. It's a freedom to say what the fuck you want without anyone punching you in the teeth, not that I'd advocate that, of course. :-D

So, nowt's different from elsewhere, but, just like elsewhere, we will eventually end up with the same few people on the Forum week after week tearing strips off each other.

Time to let the old bygones be bygones, and let's put our biases behind us when we come onto the TMA Forum, and act individually, rather than in groups.

Two-penneth over, and off to bed.
Sweet dreams to all,

Thanks TE

Nice post. Well said.

I have no idea of the history, or of the conflict, however I noticed pretty early on that some members would snub others and that if a poster wrote something that one person disagreed with, then all his cronies would back him up, so that it wasn't just one person disagreeing it was the same old group.
In fact in my very first post I mentioned my concerns over the arguements and questioned whether I should join the site.
It seems a shame that people have left and some people have been banned and some people have been ignored and some people have been insulted
I do worry sometimes about saying the wrong thing to the wrong person, and I wish I knew more about who HA are. I mean I have recognised that certain people on here are part of HA, but it seems a little cloak and dagger and masonic. I guess I mean secretive.
I have heard the party line..."we are a group of TMA members who got together and decided to do something about protecting our heritage" etc. But that doesn't tell me much. Like what exactly do they do? can anyone join? For instance can I apply for membership if I want to?
I have read some of the articles on the HA website and some seem really good, really useful.

It would be nice to know more about the Eds and moderators. Has it been the same ones since the site was set up? Do they post here themselves. Is it a voluntary role? Can anyone apply to be an ed or moderator for this site?

This post isn't meant to be inflamatory or to pick faults. It's just a summary of my thoughts about the forum since I joined just before the summer.
It isn't all bad. I feel priviledged to be in the "company" of such learned people who are willing to share their knowledge. So Thank you all for that.

Time for bed, me thinks :-)
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