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Our Sacred Land
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Re: Our Sacred Land
Sep 05, 2011, 16:41
Gwass wrote:
It seems to me people are missing the major point here which is supply and demand.

The biggest threat to our countryside is the unprecedented levels of demand. You can blame the developers and the tories but without the demand there isn't an issue.

No one has mentioned the fact that a large proportion of this demand is extra housing for the hundreds of thousand s of extra people arriving here year on year. Sort out the immigration problem and you remove a large proportion of demand.

It's not rocket science, if hundreds of thousands of people are arriving every year extra homes are needed. Last year the population swelled by something like 300,000, that's the equivalent of the population of a city the size of Stoke on Trent from immigration alone.

Why this elephant in the room is ignored is beyond me, probably because of political correctness and people are afraid of raising perfectly reasonable concerns because they will be labelled a racist by far left idiots.

Solve the immigration problem & you remove the most substantial threat to our 'sacred land'. It's what the vast majority of the population want anyway & this is supposed to be a democracy.

I don't think you are racist Gwass, measured debate about over-population on these small islands needs to take place without fear of being labelled racist. I think a large part of the problem is the freedom of movement provision for EU members. As the European Union grows ever larger, English has become the second language most Europeans learn in school so the British Isles is where many (too many probably) people head for in search of employment. So it is not just housing that is under a strain but health services (maternity services are under a particular strain), education sevices, employment, even prisons. Its part of the big picture, and to be honest I think most people just feel too jaded and disempowered to tackle it.

Meanwhile we have to settle for protecting little bits a precious land that apart from the flora and fauna may have prehistoric or historic associations.
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