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Our Sacred Land
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Re: Our Sacred Land
Sep 05, 2011, 22:43
Yeah, let's hear it for the ramblers... let's remember it was the Kinder 'trespasses' which escalated the whole issue of 'access' in the first place. Brave people. Inspiration to ignore - better, to tear down - every section of illegal barbed wire. And to question that which is morally incorrect.

From my perspective the 'immigration issue' has nothing to do with 'race' or 'racism'... but everything to do with a moral requirement to (at least try to) assimilate into the society you migrate into. Learn its history... good and bad... hell, prehistory, even! England in particular is seen as a 'soft touch' by anyone refused entry into other European countries and this has to change. Bliar and his worthless lot completely - and cynically - lost control and this is unforgivable. Perhaps this is retribution for the evils of Empire? Yeah, perhaps we are rightly guilty for what our forebearers did... although being fundamental to defeating the Nazi tyranny was possibly this nation's finest contribution to civilisation. But having experienced the nilhilistic, moronic (learning is taboo, being thick is cool) black culture of the inner city at first hand, and the effect it can have upon intelligent black and asian kids wanting to learn but not being able through 'peer pressure', the issue is not to do with colour of skin, but outlook. The fact is that... Callanish (an awesome Indian gentleman) and Boscawen-un (a rather funky black mohican dude) excepted... I've not seen any non-white faces at the c1000 prehistoric sites I've visited in these Isles. Why not? Is it because the 'minorities' within the UK do not have a Julian Cope to speak to them?
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