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Our Sacred Land
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Re: Our Sacred Land
Sep 06, 2011, 14:52
I make it a rule not to get involved too deeply in political debate (I have a short fuse), but wanted to correct you on one single point:

Gwass wrote:

But mainly what I was referring to is the large families that settled recent arrivals themselves are having. Shall we say the birthrate of British families who've been here for 100yrs+ (to avoid indigenous), is very low indeed.

Whilst I'm an only child, my mother was one of 6, my father one of 7 children. A friend of ours is one of 10, and has 3 children herself (so far). A cousin's son has 4 so far. Two other cousins of mine have 3 children each, some of whom have similar sized families.

I believe the 'nuclear' family of 2 parents, and 2.4 children (or whatever the often quoted number is) is a myth. For every family that is childless, or has only a single offspring, there are several more with 3 or more children.

The problem we have is simple, and has been quoted here already - 90% of the people want to live in 10% of the space. Whether that space is the coastal region of a continent like North America, Australia or Africa, a group of islands like the British Isles or the Phillipines, or an urban conurbation, or whatever - the same holds. There's not enough (desirable) space for the people that want it, *regardless of where they originate*.
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