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Our Sacred Land
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The Sea Cat
The Sea Cat
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Edited Sep 05, 2011, 18:27
Re: Our Sacred Land
Sep 05, 2011, 18:23
Gwass wrote:
The Sea Cat wrote:
It's not immigration at all. That's complete nonsense. There's plenty of space for all. It's really about changing people's ie. the vast indigenous populations heads about consuming, sensible family sizes and all the rest. It could be done, but that's the exact opposite of what is desired by the System. Unhindered Population Growth = Spending = Economic Growth = More Filtered To The Top Few as the Countryside and any true Society is royally fucked as a means to achieve this.

Thanks for responding sensibly and whilst I agree that consumption habits need changing. Im my opinion the chances of that happening are zero, because of the reasons you stated. One thing that can be done, which the govt have promised to do and which the vast majority of the public want them to do is to reduce immigration levels.

I don't know how you can say immigration is nothing to do with it. Surely that's your political beliefs clouding the reality which is obvious to others. Surely it's the most relevant issue of all? More people = more houses needed = threat to our spaces where no houses currently exist.

It really boils down to that basic fact and denying that seems to be denying the obvious cause. The 'indigenous' population you refer to (what ever that is) aren't producing large families, I thought that was known by everyone c1.6 children per couple, not even replacement levels for those dying.

It is families from abroad who are migrating and have large families so that is another point chalked up against immigration. You didn't really think British people are having large families surely?

Thanks. However, I work in Social Welfare, and I have to say it, unpopular or not with some, the numbers of people that come here, largely to work and do the jobs that most wont, their Welfare Benefit and Housing needs are minimal, and they are a convenient scapegoat for a far vaster problem ie. Greed. Bread and Circuses amongst a lot of our own 'indigenous'. Always moaning about a phantom untruth. I don't subscribe to any political stance, just my head and hopes.

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