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Duly noted!
Sep 14, 2011, 05:37
megaonceagain wrote:
goffik wrote:
tjj wrote:
Isn't it time to let sleeping dogs lie Nigel, I'm sure the SeaCat would rather address himself to the very real immoralities of the world we live in e.g. poverty and social deprivation, than get drawn into forum politics (with a very small 'p').

Hope nobody minds me jumping in, but it's kinda relevant...

I received�an email from Megadread explaining what's been going on. Multiple people on one sockpuppet login!�No prizes for guessing who they are and how many of them have been booted from TMA for trolling.

Just wanted to remind people which direction the harrassment is going, that's all.

G x

That's kinda naughty goff, with your clever wording your implying i've admitted to being the racist poster, you rascal you. ; 0

For the record, i admitted, without prompting, to the eds, that i did post as aveburyantiquity, i then posted the log in details on a few other sites whereupon one other person posted with those details, not several, and certainly no-one who any longer posts here.

We can keep going over this if you like, and i can keep creating new accounts, though i'd rather not, i wouldn't have resigned from here if that was the case.

I was not responsible for any racist posts, or any other under the name "stupid head", as i explained to you in that e-mail, i do not insult ladies, ie moss, and from what i've been told she was also targeted by the vile posts.

I have no problem admitting i have no love for yourself, nigel or littlestone, though i have nothing against moss, you got that. ?

I tried several times to bury the hatchet with you lot, even to the extent of pointing out on here an account created in Ls's name elsewhere, that was a troll account, risking several long standing friendships in doing so, i can go dig that up if you'd like, though i'd rather not waste my time. :)

Anyways, time for the tit for tat to stop imo, if you value the forum.

There was no need to bring up that private e-mail, other than to bait my return, which quite frankly only wastes the mods time, i'm listening to the football anyway so no time wasted on my part.

Let it go G, i have nothing to lose. ;)

Geoff. (megadread)

Might I point out that StupidHead's poasts were not JUST racist(in fact I missed that they were)..they were of a sexual...mainly homophobic nature when addressed to male posters and of filthy sexism when posted to the female poster. The Eds removed all 5 of the posts which were addressed to posters by name...and I thank them for the speed at which they were removed...however the damage was done and these vile posts HAD to be removed mainly because they were illegal..and in fact I was on to a legal source which deals with cyber-bullying to see what could be done with regards to the posts(I was a recipient!!)...I was informed I should have copied the post and forwarded it(I'll know for future reference)to them, but it did get removed speedily. I made no accussations as to who the author was, but was told in no uncertain terms that the moderators CAN access this and to be sure to inform them if there is a recurrence....but this constant protesting of innocence, along with severe sniping and trying to shift blame...yet seeming to be aware of exactly what posts were made is a trifle suss...I do hope the Eds are taking notes.
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