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Our Sacred Land
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Squid Tempest
Squid Tempest
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Re: Our Sacred Land
Sep 05, 2011, 10:02
nigelswift wrote:
Rhiannon wrote:
It made me laugh (bitterly) that on the radio this morning they said it was about 'young people's prosperity and future'. My arse it is, it's about relaxing planning permission so massively rich people can make lots of money by building crap houses on places where they weren't allowed to before. Besides, from my perspective as someone who earns a reasonable wage but can't see how they could ever buy a house, these new houses are either going to be pokey flimsy barely-affordable 'starter homes' or they're going to get rented out by rich buy-to-letters to mugs like me, while their so-called 'value' heads ever skywards. Yeah that's really helping young people. I'm not even a bloody young person. This Country Is Going To The Dogs. It makes me feel tired.

Seacat, I agree with every syllable, and Rhiannon, the country makes me tired too. Every ten or fifteen years sufficient voters come to the fore who don't recall what these people are like and what their agenda is.

The green belt may or may not be safe but there are vast tracts of non-green belt land of huge amenity value that's going to be pounced on. There are plenty of unattractive tracts that could be used for new housing, the government knows that perfectly well, but their mates want to get hold of the nice bits.

Absolutely. If they put the cash into developing brown field sites then shortage of housing wouldn't be a problem. This is lazy greed and typical tory cow-towing to the rich property developers. why think of our heritage in the future if you can make a killing now?
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