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Our Sacred Land
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Re: Our Sacred Land
Sep 07, 2011, 17:18
Rhiannon wrote:
"We didnt get feral rioting youths in those days or aggressive, violent kids in the way we do now. "

Selective memory I think.

In a minute you'll be saying 'it didn't do me any harm" !!

Just watched the video. Thanks for that.

I can't believe you're using that to defend today's youth violence. The 2 are incomparable!

The mods and rockers weren't pulling members of the public of motor bikes and beating them senseless, they weren't setting fire to people's homes so they had to jump out of the window to escape!

Or battering anyone they saw at random for no reason, nicking anything that wasn't bolted down or torching people's homes or businesses.

It's obvious the state this country's in at the moment and I cannot understand why anyone would want to paint an overly optomistic rose tinted view of it.

Everyone knows what we witnessed recently was like nothing we used to get in the 50's or 60's. Kids so lacking in any form or morals, respect or discipline. That's why I used the word feral, I don't normally use such inflammatory language but what about their behaviour cannot be described as feral?!

Why deny the truth? Is it to defend the woeful record of the left since they took over most of society who's views you might happen share? I can't see any other reason for refusing to see what's going on, honestly.

And the police in those days would have clobbered them rather than standing watching, hamstrung by political correctness & afraid of a law suit for hitting a knife weidling rioter!
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