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Our Sacred Land
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Re: Our Sacred Land
Sep 14, 2011, 08:20
The Sea Cat wrote:
Unfortunately, I have again been seriously considering locking this thread as it seems to have now become a boxing ring for old grievances. To me they are irrelevant, but from what I've read, they will never be amicably settled, so can people please 'let it lie' ?

Ok. This is an interesting article. I'm not sure about the accuracy, as many people work hard in organisations with heavy bureacratic restrictions placed on them, much to their continued frustration, but they keep on keeping on, so to speak, because every effort counts and important principles are at stake. I'm not very informed about the reality of this subject, especially from the point of view of anyone doing valuable work within these agancies, so opinions on the points raised in this article would be very interesting:



The problem is of course articles are all words, I've read two this morning on the subject of planning laws - Monbiot and The Economist, in a sense its about a war of words, and who gets to dominate in the argument.

Farming has inflicted great damage on the rarer birds that have been in decline these last 50 years or so but large species of mammals still survive, deer in great number, badgers and foxes. But it is the use of insecticides and fertilisers that destroy the flora, walk along any edge of a field or riverbank and the old wildflowers have disappeared to be replaced by nettles, etc.

I'm not sure about the so called environmental bodies that are there to protect, it seems to me that it is the individual that goes out to look after their own patch does more, and the article was quite right to state that the individual organisations are weak in their defence of the countryside, especially over the proposed forests takeover a few months back.

Problem is everything is beset with a subjectivity that is hard to get past, add class to the mix, nimbyism and of course outright greed and the battle becomes fraught. Yuo can rant at this government till the cows come home, but it was the electorate who put them there with all their manifold wishes for whatever...

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