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Our Sacred Land
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Re: Our Sacred Land
Sep 06, 2011, 12:22
Gwass wrote:

Thanks for your comments Blossom. However I feel I have to pick up on this point. When you said "I don't want to get into a debate about whether someone is being rascist or not"

I have to say that's part of the problem. If you read my comments there clearly wasn't anything there that could possibly be construed as racism. So by refusing to denounce me being called a racist is slightly adding to the problem.

People should stand up and take sides in this instance I feel as racism is vile & disgusting. So being labelled a racist therefore is also vile & disgusting as it is suggesting that I am vile & disgusting.

The majority of immigration is from within the EU which is predominantly white so being white myself and questioning the value of that can hardly be called racist. I never made a distinction on race at all.

Re benefits, you may be right, but i do know that councils are legally obliged to house people hence the huge cost monetarily and to our countryside to build the thousands of extra homes a year which are needed.

I disagree. I didn't want to get into a debate about whether you or anyone else are rascist or not because I do not know you. I don't know your political or personal views on any subject apart from a few short words on this forum and so I am not qualified to comment.

I am however qualified to comment on whether economic migrants are eligable to "join the dole queue" straight away. And so felt I should let you know that they are not.
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