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barack's nuts
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Re: barack's nuts
Jul 15, 2008, 15:42
handofdave wrote:
Go fuck yourself, Tinky. You are obviously a right wing sympathizer trying to accuse everyone else here of being idiots and conformists for not seriously considering your position.
You persist in arguing that might makes right. It doesn't. Oh sure, it'll get results, maybe for a while, maybe longer. But ultimately a nation that stomps all over the globe seeking to dominate for the sake of it's own overindulgence faces what America's facing now, which is damage to its credibility, trustworthiness, and integrity. Ultimately this leads to our having to pour more and more resources into defense, nervously watching out for the attacks that we've brought on ourselves. Oh... right! It's already happened!
I'm not a fool. I understand that interests have to be protected. But if we're going to try to rule the oil fields at the point of a gun, as you would have us continue to do under McCain, we'll still be carting bodies home from the middle east in four years, which is something you seem to be comfortable with.

So kiss my ass, jack. Maybe you're 'brave' for coming into a den of liberals, as PMM sez, but I think you're just a fucking troll with slightly more than average intelligence. But only slightly.

Merrick it's Assholes like this I am referring to.This shit bag has lived here in the U.S for 46 YEARS and found his only outlet to make a difference by bitching his whinny little ass on a website based in the UK. What a complete JACKASS. As to staying at the top of the food chain at others expense Merrick Yes I do believe that is how the world works and has since the dawn of mankind.It's your choice where on that ladder you wish to position yourself but if things go the way I would like Idiots like Dave can go move to India or some other Assbackwards place and I will be more than happy to piss on them from above. Fuck you Dave you do nothing activist of CHANGE who has none NIL for your cause but act self righteous.If all the people who think our current form of government is so evil had the balls to do something about it I would be curious how they would fare in about 10yrs from now.The hippie communes didnt work either. so dave go start your commune and get back to be when you fail just as you have in life for the past 46 years of unproductive crying Pussy .
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