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barack's nuts
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Re: barack's nuts
Jul 12, 2008, 20:59
Tinky, please can you rein in the insults.

If someone says something out of line then you're right to pick them up on it.

If it's seemingly bad but still ambiguous (Dave's comment *might* be perceived as some sort of joke, but it can also clearly be perceived as deeply offensive), then ask for a clarification.

Pointing out that you never mentioned race makes things clearer and puts your side in a stronger position. Calling him, or anyone, names isn't going to make anything any better, and only serves to lower the tone of the forum and discourage other people from making a positive contribution for fear of being insulted.

Had you stuck to picking him up on the Klansman thing you might have been moving towards an explanation or an apology. By tagging on a bunch of personal insults, you open it up to insults in his defence and so lessen the chance of any explanation or apology.

That stuff applies equally to what you've said, Sir John. If you think Dave is worth defending, then do it; say why you think he and what he's said are worthy. Retaliating with name calling isn't defending anyone, it just makes the forum into a playground slanging match which isn't any good for any of us.

You're both smarter than that.
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