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barack's nuts
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Re: barack's nuts
Jul 27, 2008, 03:06
tinky10675 wrote:
...we will survive 4yrs of him better than the Idiot who thinks OUR children should all learn spanish...

I just read a bit of this thread, but I found this comment berating Obama for wanting all Americans to learn Spanish to be telling of what is wrong with the attitudes of a lot of the voting population. Here in Canada, we all learn French in school. It's mandatory, there are even schools that only speak French (called Immersion) so children can learn the language at an early age, and use it througout life. The rough percentage of native French speaking people in our country is around 6 million. The total population is around 33 million, so the French make up around 18 percent. I did a search and found out that there are over 40 million Hispanic people in America, and with a total population of 300 million, that puts the Spanish speaking population at around 13 percent.

Why then is it so idiotic to propose to make learning Spanish mandatory for all school aged children? Have you seen the footage of the Chinese population learning English in gigantic groups in order to prepare for the upcoming Olympics. Enriching the educational system is never a bad decision.
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