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barack's nuts
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Re: barack's nuts
Jul 26, 2008, 13:04
Im done with this topic,It's flogging a dead horse if Obama has the fortune to win we will see were this leads us. MC Cain = 4 yrs or less of fucking things up Obama=8yrs or more of fucking things up Neither is a Good Choice I've made mine you make yours Either way we are screwed big time.Mc cain is an old dithering old man who is out of touch while Obama is inexperienced with global economics more than any candidate I can ever think of PLUS he has a very dodgy past filled with racism .Again either way the U.S is Boned.And you can comment on what a creep I am till your fingers are Blue I really don't care Im sick of the Idol worship whilst overlooking the cold hard facts. Vote for who you want Im not interested anymore.(4yrs from now will be a whole new ballgame I hope)
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