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barack's nuts
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Re: barack's nuts
Jul 25, 2008, 16:23
handofdave wrote:
Ah, you and your lunar solar power again?.


i go out and i come back in again... i go out and i come back in again…

and we’ll do again... until... she... diiiies… all nite barry manilow...

handofdave wrote:
Someday, someday. Like I said before, there's a lot of much cheaper, direct-to-the-consumer solutions to be explored first. .

everyday brings us closer to the big bad phyre... jc 1991

mayan midnite draws neigh... 3 winters...

handofdave wrote:

Setting up a full scale LSP operation as envisioned would be a massive undertaking that would STILL be controlled by a small number of people. What I'm talking about is a diffusion of tech, a way for people to get OFF the grid, not onto an even more remotely owned and operated one.

not sure how you come up with a small number of people with awl the research and development that will be required, however i would think that it would be no smaller than any other energy monopoly... not to mention the engineering jobs, the quality of life discoveries, advancement of knowledge in physics, mathematics, medicines…

readily available copious amounts of affordable energy…

south tejas has miles and miles of greenhouses growing vegetables 24 x 7 x 365… would it not be a beautiful thing to duplicate in the sudan… millions ‘on the grid’… with powered wells for clean drinking water… how many lives would be saved…

getting ur self OFF of the grid is commendable and I’m quite sure the denizens of las vegas appreciate your compassion…u r caught in a double vegetation…

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