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barack's nuts
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Re: barack's nuts
Jul 15, 2008, 18:19
Dave, I think you've eloquently explained your position well.

The recourse to insult wasn't helpful, but certainly understandable given that it was by no means as bad as what was said to you. The Klan thing was a hell of a red rag, but then I didn't know about the context you were seeing it in until you explained it. As Tinky's an American, I'm guessing that s/he doesn't share my ignorance (if s/he does I'm also guessing we'd have been told by now).

I think PMM's right in saying

PMM wrote:
the people that garner the most respect on discussion boards are generally the ones that post articulate reasoned thought out posts, not the posters that call other people names.

but to me it's something more important than getting the most respect on the board. It's that the discussion isn't really between the two people arguing, like any public political debate it's for the reasonable independent third party reading it.

If you're arguments are so right, they'll stand. The reaching for insult is usually the sign of someone who knows they haven't got a proper answer. If you don't rise to it, it becomes clear that your point is right.

And beyond that, whilst I welcome someone who's passionate about their politics and deeply admire much of what you've said on HH, insult begets insult and it turns the board into a shouting match that discourages input from people who don't want to be shouted at.
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