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barack's nuts
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Edited Jul 15, 2008, 18:33
Re: barack's nuts
Jul 15, 2008, 18:27
tinky10675 wrote:
Merrick it's Assholes like this I am referring to.

I know, you clearly inferred it in your previous posting.

And the point I have made repeatedly is that his morality and actions have absolutely nothing to do with the tenability of yours. I have asked you to address that. Once again, you refuse.

tinky10675 wrote:
As to staying at the top of the food chain at others expense Merrick Yes I do believe that is how the world works and has since the dawn of mankind.

In the total absence of any proper response to the questions i've asked you, I'll take that as a yes to overconsumption.

You reach for another euphemism - food chains rather than ladders - but it's a yes. A yes to your right to overconsume resources at the expense of most people today and everyone tomorrow. A right to have things you don't need at the expense of the basic essentials of life for others.

That's as immoral, obscene and anti-human as it comes.

And it's not how the world has always worked. Most of the great advances come from mutual co-operation and teamwork, not seeing who you can beat down.

But even if your model were true, the thing is that even if some other people are violent and selfish, it does not excuse us doing it. there has been rape and murder since the dawn of time - is it OK for someone to come and rape you and kill your family?

Though much is wrong and bad things do often triumph, it does not mean we should not work for a fairer world. But you don't believe that, as long as it's you who benefits from the injustice.

If only it were you in Ethiopia watching your land dry up and your family starve because of the shifting rainfall patterns just because other people want air freighted flowers and cars.

tinky10675 wrote:
I consider them Hero's for maintaining our way of life

I consider them the pawns of people who get the real benefit. Far more than you it's the people running Halliburton and their friends.

tinky10675 wrote:
fewer people have died in four years in this war than die in the US from drunk drivers in a WEEK.

No, reliable estimates put it at close to 100,000.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but What I suspect you mean is that american deaths are that sub-drunk driver figure. Me, I count all the deaths in the war, not just the American ones. Because I believe that a human being is just as human irrespective of their nationality.

People who don't - and you appear to be one - well, we have a word for them. It's the same word that we'd use for saying one person's unnecessary luxury is worth another person's death just because of their respective nationalities.

If you don't want to be called a racist, don't think and talk like one.

tinky10675 wrote:
Funny to me how someone with a different opinion is deemed a troll by people who don't agree with them.

But that's not what happened to you. You've come on and made incoherent and inflammatory statements, and very quickly resorted to extensive eruptions of insults whilst studiously avoiding any calm or measured responses. If that's not troll behaviour, what is?

You really should rein in the insults and talk intelligently - preferably starting with proper answers to questions you've been politely asked numerous times about issues you chose to raise - or you should leave.
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