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barack's nuts
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Re: barack's nuts
Jul 13, 2008, 16:22
Doesn't take much to push your buttons Dave.Just have a different outlook then you and your righteousnesses comes right on through. Obama is another Carter...I dont think we can survive that as a country. Mc Cain is far from another Bush.He's not someone I would want given a better choice but we will survive 4yrs of him better than the Idiot who thinks OUR children should all learn spanish. How many languages do Obama's kids speak Dave? Do you know? Try ONE! the Guy is off his nut and we are in deep shit if he wins(deeper than we already are). Im just happy his true colors are being to show I just hope it's not too late.Mc Cain will be crap but again he will be to old in four years to run (or ruin) again Obama has the potential to screw us for 8yrs straight not counting his Legacy so stock up on Lube Dave ol' buddy you'll need it more than ever.
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