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Re: barack's nuts
Jul 15, 2008, 19:42
Aye. But...

Me, mythical outsider looking in at mythical thread....

Fred: "You fucking dickhead! Of course oil is a finite commodity and every barrel we use is one less to be used. What are you? Some kind of moron?"

Jack: "Actually, Sir, while your reasoning does have some merit, atmospheric processes such as condensation (the same process that turns water vapour into rain) will turn the resultant pollutants back into oil which we will then be able to extract and use again in 6 months time. Here's a link to eminent climatologist, Bjorn Lomberg's excellent article on the subject, as reported by Fox News..."

Probably, I'm going to have my own opinions and the two posters are not going to make one jot of difference to my point of view. But if it was all new to me, I'd believe Jack, not Fred.

So allowing yourself to become engaged in flamage is always a negative.

People deliberately provoke such a reaction in order to weaken their opponents case. But I don't believe that's altogether true here.

Both sides have sparked off the worst in each other. This isn't the first thread in which Tinky and Dave have locked horns. And Barack Obama has caused friction on this thread between people on a number of occasions. Looking further back, I recall HH old timer, Ron announcing that he was voting Bush in 2004. He got a rough ride for this, as you might expect. His rationale was that the Bush administration was so utterly inept, that putting them back into popwer would probably make them so unpopular that they'd completely collapse.

Not your usual political logic, and not something that has really been proved correct, given that the polls don't stand 75% - 25% to the Democrats, but he did have what he felt were real and valid reasons for doing something that made little sense to many here.
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