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barack's nuts
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Edited Jul 13, 2008, 13:24
Re: barack's nuts
Jul 13, 2008, 13:01
Your dislike for Obama has a lot more going on than politics, Tinky, when you joke about holding him down while someone else pulls his testicles off. You are no doubt aware that black men for centuries were castrated just for being black. I found this attempt at humor maliciously insensitive and suspect. Hence the Klan comment. Perhaps I was overreaching? Maybe not.

I think you're a bad actor. You say you are a green party member. I say your support for McCain pretty much blows whatever claims you make for being environmentally concerned. Your unsubtle boasts of affluence along with your obsession with the USA 'not looking like a pussy' would lead me to believe that you are primarily concerned with keeping a status quo that serves your self-centered economic interests.

All evidence points towards you being a hypocrite. I think you feign being progressive while harboring a right-leaning core of belief. Hell, you even come out and bitch about 'liberal lefties', so perhaps you aren't even trying to hide your true colors.

If you say you think a candidate who promises to occupy Iraq for a century is a better choice, don't complain when you get flak for it. You asked for it.
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