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barack's nuts
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Re: barack's nuts
Jul 14, 2008, 10:57
NIGEL - I understand your frustration at Tinky's position, but throwing in an insult isn't going to help things. It makes it less likely that the person being insulted will defend or rethink their statement, and more likely that they'll just feel victimised or (as Tinky's proved so capable at doing) respond with further insults.

The best way to show someone up who's not making any sense is to stick at the facts of what they say and not give them the getout of a slanging match. If we're so right then the arguments themselves are enough. If they're walked through why they're wrong they'd have to be pretty big to own up straight away, but we all know from personal experience that if we're beaten in a discussion we can find ourselves saying the things that were said against us later.

TINKY - I repeat; whatever Dave has or hasn't done doesn't have anything to do with your morality or the tenability of what you say. Resorting to 'well if you do any of it I can do as much as I can' is a flimsy argument and just makes you seem desperate. Baiting other people won't work as a distraction from the inconsistencies in what you've said.

Earlier in this thread I asked you several simple, straightforward (and uninsulting) questions about this stuff. Are you going to answer them?
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