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barack's nuts
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Re: barack's nuts
Jul 26, 2008, 15:52
You've failed to answer my one real point on your Obama/McCain thing which is; you characterise them as something akin to monarchies. They are not, they are the figureheads for the interests that got them elected and the party they come from.

McCain would surely retain many of Bush's people; he would also be superceded by someone who retained many of his staff. Gore knew the score with climate change before Clinton was elected, yet spent his time in office rolling over to Big Fossil and wrecking the Kyoto agreement.

All this is a side issue. The thread had moved on and you have been repeatedly asked to answer several questions you raised about the USA's right to overconsume and how this can be called Green.

You have singularly failed to answer them. As I've already said, the time you've spent dodging the questions far exceeds the time it would take to give any answers. Thus it's hard to reach any conclusion other than you have no answers.

That being so, it's a tacit admission that western overconsumption is in fact indefensible, racist and anti-human, that you like that because it provides you personally with luxury at the expense of others necessities and are happy to see others killed in vvast numbers so that you don't have to (to pick something you derided as the consequence of not overconsuming) have to have a second hand TV.

I have more respect for racist thugs who beat people up on the street. At least they're active in their commitment to their position rather than just wanting to be spoon fed while others do the murder for them.
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