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barack's nuts
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Re: barack's nuts
Jul 13, 2008, 21:21
I've voted Green every Election I have had the opportunity to do so in .This one coming up however is very different in that I really believe that a victory for Obama will be a catastrophe for the U.S and it's Allies. Mc Cain can only mess things up for 4yrs Barrack could have 8yrs to do the same or worse therefore my decision to cross party lines for the 1st time.I want my vote to be more than symbolic this time. This is a matter of maintaining stability of Our cultures (in the U.S the U.K. and beyond) I really feel strongly that a win by Barrak Obama could turn the balance of power in a way unfavorable to all of our standards of living and thats not something im willing to risk.We have clawed and scratched our way to the top of the ladder do you want to wait in line for two hours for bread in England so that we can be nice and let other nations call the shots for us? I know it is an extreme scenario but you want to risk it? I know I dont. Im not about to hand over the Country I live in to some inexperienced politician because he's the cool hip flavor of the month getting everyones panties wet. The man stands for nothing he has no plan to speak of no experience no reason to be voted in that I can rationally see.Obama in my eyes means CHANGE alright but not the kind im willing to make for myself or my children.
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