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barack's nuts
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Re: barack's nuts
Jul 13, 2008, 17:22
I don't see how putting our fucked-up situation on a four-year holding pattern with McCain is preferable.

America has survived 7 years of Bush, so I don't see how Obama draws so much alarmism from you. 'Off his nut'? That's all relative. Sticking with a republican white house that intends to drag out a failed war into an indeterminate future sound pretty 'off' to me.

I do not think McCain is as bad as Bush, but that's not an endorsement. I don't think Obama is a savior figure or anything, but he's energized a lot of people who have been left out of the political process. McCain will only appeal to the same old demographics that have enjoyed power for the entirety of the history of the nation.

Things have to CHANGE. You seem to feel comfortable with putting this change on a back burner out of fear that Obama will be another Carter. Personally, my opinion is that if the nation had followed Carter's lead on energy conservation, we wouldn't be so fucked as we are now. He was a flawed leader. They're ALL flawed. But some can be catalysts for change and some merely keep the status quo protected. I see McCain as the latter and Obama as the former.

Would an Obama presidency run without any snags? No. Would McCain's? No. No matter who wins, there's a big fucking mess to clean up. Better to start now with some optimism than sit around for four years living the same old cynical game.
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