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barack's nuts
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Re: barack's nuts
Jul 27, 2008, 04:08
nigelswift wrote:
"That being so, it's a tacit admission that western overconsumption is in fact indefensible, racist and anti-human, that you like that because it provides you personally with luxury at the expense of others necessities "

One thing worries me though. That's me you're talking about. And you probably? I probably consume less than Tinky and I'm certainly not so lacking in guilt as he seems to be but I do overconsume, massively, compared with what would be strictly equitable (one six billionth of World production) and I could consume less. So I don't think pointing to the massive selfishness of Tinky can allow me to pretend I'm not (almost) as bad.

I feel not guilt whatsoever for my carbon foot print you have NO idea what my lifestyle is what kid of car i drive etc..And frankly I don't understand where you get off assuming things. I live more then half of my year on an island not much more than 48 miles wide by 28 miles long I surely don't spend alot of time driving from one end to the other over and over in my little Yaris.Also I have no need for air conditioning as the temp is a constant 80-85 ish.So really I might use less fuel then you since I don't have heating or cooling bills.
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