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barack's nuts
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Re: barack's nuts
Jul 14, 2008, 16:02
PMM wrote:
I think Tinky is brave to come here and express a point of view that's very much contrary to the norm in this forum. I think also s/he has voiced an attitude that is very common.

Perhaps if we'd approached tinky differently, we would have a chance of actually changing one mind.

Probably not, mind. I find tinky's choice of arguing with Dave instead of debating with merrick illuminating. But there you go. In a way, we're up against millions of tinkies.

What an image huh?

I'd love it if Tinky had some coherent and logically arrived at argument, I really do, to support his support of military-industrial power in the service of overfed, undereducated, smug America. It's no challenge when one's opponent merely expresses a very selfish, me-first rationale for such massive crimes against the world and its people.

Yes, there are millions of Tinkys out there, voting for the chest-thumpers, afraid of 'foreigners', in deep denial that their unrealistically flush way of life is unsustainable and harmful to billions of other human beings. It's even harmful to them personally, in the long run, and will be a huge burden on their kids. This is the biggest frustration for me... all those fucking idiot voters who decade after decade vote against their own economic interests to support assholes who use 'social issues' (guns, abortion, gays) to win votes.

Hopefully, the fuckers won't be dropping bombs on Iran before the election. I wouldn't put it past 'em, just to fuck up the process and keep the helm.

I don't know if it's really possible to change the Tinkys minds with logical arguments. The only thing that can really make a difference is if the system that delivers for them suffers collapse under the weight of its own corrupt and unsustainable nature. Which may be very soon.
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