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barack's nuts
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Edited Jul 15, 2008, 15:00
Re: barack's nuts
Jul 15, 2008, 14:55
It really is not 'in there somewhere', Tinky. You have steadfastly avoided answering some straightforward questions.

To repeat:

Do you really think we should live in a way that gives more to the bloated minority at the expense of the majority? You can euphemise it as maintaining your place 'at the top of the ladder', but what it actually means is killing people in vast numbers because they happen to live near resources that you don't need but would like.

And then there's:

tinky10675 wrote:
if you are so discontent I think i've already explained to you how an airport works in a previous posting.

So if someone doesn't like the way their country presently works they should leave? Might it not be a good idea to change what's wrong?

All those anti-war activists, hell all those Green party people you say you approve of, why don't they just go somewhere that likes their ideas?

Saying Dave's wrong because he 'is just as guilty of living the American Dream' doesn't make any difference to the morality of your beliefs.

Answer me these; do you think that everyone has an equal right to the world's resources?

Is it wrong that some people should vastly overconsume luxury even though it takes the essentials of life away from a great many more?

If you don't answer an instant straight yes to both of those, can you please explain what you mean when you say you are Green?

= = =

You came back and posted, but just had another go at Dave for the same reason I'd already rebutted, and ignored everything I'd asked.

So I pointed that out again and asked you to answer the questions.

You posted again ignoring all points put to you, so - again - I asked you to do so.

tinky10675 wrote:
Kinda like the crusaders of old converting people to their religion or dealing with the consequences.

That strikes me as a very peculiar comparison. The Crusaders came from the West and went into the Middle East to change it to their will and kill those who opposed them. Today, that job is being done by US military precisely because the US has such a huge thirst for oil. That thirst, that taking of far more than a fair share, is far more like the Crusader attitude than those who say we should live as if other people's lives matter. Yet American overconsumption is precisely the lifestyle you've praised on this thread.

tinky10675 wrote:
I will not allow some Idiot to refer to me as a racist or worse because I dont agree with their onesided view of the world.

Actually, they said 'don't forget your Klan hood' when you said you'd gladly hold Barack Obama down while his testicles were pulled off.

I presume you didn't mean it literally; it's therefore possible the response wasn't as literal but was instead rising to the level of exaggeration you set.

Personally, I thought it was way over the top and had a clear implication of calling you racist, that you were right that it's an extremely heavy charge to make and the first mention of race in the discussion. But then Dave explained what I didn't know, the historical precedents of castration of black men in racist lynchings, and that your citing castration may well have been referencing that, or was at least particularly insensitive in light of it.

That heated issue remains unresolved, and is a side-issue to what you and I are discussing.

tinky10675 wrote:
I think everyone has said there piece on the topic.

No they haven't. You still haven't answered any of what I asked you.

tinky10675 wrote:
I'm just tired of defending myself to Idiots who only see their position as the answer....That does not include you

In which case, defend yourself to me.

tinky10675 wrote:
Don't think me rude for not repeating myself

I don't; I am not asking you to repeat yourself. I am asking you to answer things for the first time. Again.
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