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barack's nuts
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Re: barack's nuts
Jul 15, 2008, 20:12
PMM wrote:
The point I keep on making is that a vote for the mainstream parties is a vote for the status quo, however loudly they proclaim how different they will be.

Yeah, but reality has to be addressed.. the Naders and Kucinich's don't get even close to enough support in a national election to effect any change to the system.

There are varying degrees of 'status quo'... I have no illusions that the world is going to dramatically improve under Obama, but a presidency is just as much about how they inspire and challenge the people as it is about the guy in the oval office. And Obama has really fired up a lot of people who have never felt like a candidate was one of their own before. This is really monumental stuff that's going on! A black man has a serious shot at being president. Within the larger context of trouble that the black community still endures, it might seem symbolic and not really that impressive. But in my lifetime this country has come to this from a time when the cops would set the dogs and hoses on people of color just for sitting at the wrong lunch counter. So, it is significant.

Of course the bulk of any argument about the desirability of having an Obama presidency has to be regarding how effective he'll be dealing with the country and the world as a whole. It's no secret that he's young, he sometimes says some regrettably rash things, his voting record ain't perfect, and he bends the party's comfort level regarding religion and so on. But as someone else pointed out, a president is not a king- he's a hub of a big wheel of people who, if Obama is as good a delegator as they say- will be a wise and effective team that'll actually get to work on correcting the jaw-dropping blunders and crimes of the Bush administration.
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