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A quick sketch
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Edited Sep 16, 2012, 14:32
Re: Detailed pictures...Ed's please read
Sep 16, 2012, 14:05
bladup wrote:
Are you saying Shamans are silly, because believe you me, they are still here hidden in this shitty society, doing what they do under the radar, so i shouldn't really be saying anything about that.

Yes of course I'm saying they're silly, thats why I said it. But there you are, we disagree. You express your views so you exercise Free Speech, I express mine so I Bear Bait. That's the assessment of convenience from on high, innit? We're clearly never going to get married,I see that now, so lets stop.

Except to say, the idea of a load of scruffy twerps high on thousands of mushrooms hidden away in hawthorn thickets mouthing incantations under the radar of society and thinking they are having an effect beyond their own skulls is just priceless and will long stay with me. I wonder if we old folks in tweed jackets should hunt them down on polo ponies using falcons? View Haloo, there runs a shaman, fly straight and true my beauty! Bring me his mystic teacup!)
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