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Re: Detailed pictures
Sep 14, 2012, 19:28
Rhiannon wrote:
I think you're being too hasty. I think the carvers would have (possibly) had a more close relationship with time than us because they'd have necessarily have had to be aware of cyclical changes with the seasons ....

Yes, I think that too - not necessarily in the context of rock art specifically, but prehistoric worldview generally. Time as cyclical rather than linear.

The other big point in favour of that idea is that nothing really changed much for hundreds of years at a time. There might be the odd upheaval, terrible storms, bad crops, a nice new swirly pot decoration style, etc, but in general terms progress was incredibly slow, incremenetal and not even necessarily visible in a lifetime, more of a generational pace of development. The rapid exchange of ideas and concepts we take for granted was just not happening, and year after year was mainly marked by the passing of the seasons alone.
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