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A quick sketch
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Re: A quick sketch
Sep 14, 2012, 15:21
bladup wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
harestonesdown wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
tiompan wrote:
Evergreen Dazed wrote:
tiompan wrote:
I have to keep quiet on the site of this one , for various reasons , hence the site name.
Is a good example ,(also of a boss ). They are rare ,particularly in the open air . More often found in funerary contexts like cists .

Wow, thats fantastic. Your find?

Yes , under a tree ,so god knows what might be close by .

It appears to have a 'ditch and bank' to it George, would that be right?

Or two. !

Those 'ripples' that bladup mentioned?

In rock art [ I've seen lots ], I've seen carved and pecked enclosures and forts, sometimes even with the huts pecked in, hut circles and farmstead themselves, maybe even with the amount of people living in them [pecked in the image of a hut] at the time of the carving, places for water [still water like wells and moving water like springs], places for food [hunting spots], images of the sun, moon and stars, cairns, ringcairns, stone circles and henges, fords to cross rivers, where to find the right stone [ strong enough ] to make axes, pathways, rivers and there's always a way to orientate yourself with the landscape around the stone. Remember a lot of places would have been wooded and everyone knows how hard it is to orientate yourself in woods and last but not least abstract images of what they saw on the hallucinogens that culture loved so much, so some of the art is therefore very similar to aboriginal dreamtime rock art [ which isn't as old ], as in whats drawn can only be seen on the hallucinogens, so these things won't really make much sense to us without having the hallucinogens in that landscape ourselves, i had lots of mushrooms up on ilkley moor once and saw energy spirals and pattens match the carvings on the rocks perfectly, as did the 2 people with me. Whatever way you look at it they are maps of physical things in the landscape and the natural energies within the landscape as well, that's why most people can't see the whole picture and therefore put ideas on the way the ancient people thought that they would never have thought about themselves and therefore would have meant nothing to them in there real lives back then, everything mentioned above WOULD have meant something to them though. I don't think the so called experts can see the wood for the trees, take the sweetie jar thing [wisdom of the masses] where they ask 1000 people and they'll always get right near the answer, well if you use that same thing in rock art the main answer you'd get back is some kind of map, so to me it that's another reason to prove they're maps, so called experts look to far into it and therefore overcomplicate it, take a stand back and look, you may even see that the trees are made of wood.

Religious types see the faces of their gods and prophets in fruit and veg and that's without drugs . Believing what you think when straight has it's problems . Believing that what you see whilst inebriated is somehow a clearer view of reality is a problem that many have to face up to when confronted with post inebriation reality .

"hallucinogens that culture loved so much " Don't kid yourself . I can still remember people seriously suggesting that great arty figures from the past "must have been tripping man " simply because their work communicated .
Any time ideas for markings are suggested to represent landscapes , ,maps of the heavens , local monuments etc when actually put to the test they always fail , plus , there are other issues that make the idea less likely e.g. another marked rock nearby with similar motifs but in a totally diffent configuration , if one reprsented huts then why is the other one with the same viewshed depicting something totally different and how can you differentiate ?
"The wisdom of the crowds " only works when the people being asked have an understanding of the subject i.e. having a rough idea about the number of sweeties in a jar , it is a powerful tool but not much use when the have no understanding . Let's have a vote on x doesn't always supply the right answer .
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