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A quick sketch
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Re: A quick sketch
Sep 12, 2012, 15:00
Sanctuary wrote:
Hob wrote:
tiompan wrote:

Most people who know about and discover rock art avoid discussion on "meaning "

In't that the truth? (More's the pity imho, I loved all that 'wear and tear from snakes curling up' in Morris' list) . As a culture, we don't cope well with polysemic concepts. And if there's one thing RA means, it's that it means more than one thing.

Because rock art frequents some areas but not others, does it suggest a 'different' culture or type of person/race to areas where there is none or very little? Hope that's not a daft question.

On the macro level , RA in the Atlantic area is found in areas where there are clearly different genetic groups and was being engraved before the probable arrival of the R1 a's and b's so a wide spread of groups . Inthese widespread areas the markings are pretty similar ,with subtle regional differences but much that is common .On the micro level an area might have loads of decorated panels yet is surrounded by similar geology , prehistoric monuments , genes, quality of soil and climate yet the surrounding areas have no marked rocks .
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