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Re: Detailed pictures...Ed's please read
Sep 16, 2012, 13:12
bladup wrote:
nigelswift wrote:
The point is (yet again) everyone knows alcohol and tobacco are bad for you but they dont spend inordinate amounts of energy on the forum saying that also they're fantastic and actually recommend people (youngsters if they come here) to try them. OK?

So you had a great experience with mushrooms and say you've "had more mushrooms than any person i've ever met" but have now stopped. Fine. Job done, whatever the job was.

I never said i have stopped yet, everything i've wrote about is years ago though [ you should hear some of the other things that have happened to us ], the last time was a few years ago, would you say it was wrong for a shaman to use stuff to make out of bodies happen, as this is the closest comparison to what we do!!! if i need to find something out i will do it again in a instant without any hesitation.

And there loads of alcohol websites saying how good their drink is and websites where people say the drinks they like the best, and absolutely loads of places to buy it and how good their own drinks are, if this is not encouraging people of any age to drink i don't know what is!!! please start thinking though what you write.
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