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A quick sketch
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Re: Detailed pictures
Sep 14, 2012, 19:44
nigelswift wrote:
I dunno about that. They all look like mushrooms to me, which would be consistent with an obsessive interest in mushrooms to the exclusion of anything else. Is that possible? Do mushrooms do that?

BTW, a book about black puddings should be called The Ileum.

My experience of mushrooms.

Use 50 and you'll get a little tingle all over your body, 100 or so and you'll have fits of uncontrollable laughter that can last for several hours, above that amount and you're into tripping territory, substantially more and you're gonna be seeing the world very differently.
My "trips" have mostly been at the lower end with very little visual effects bar enhanced colours, This all depends on body weight of course.

Mushrooms are often misunderstood, you can have real effects without tripping.
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