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A quick sketch
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Re: Detailed pictures
Sep 14, 2012, 16:50
Rhiannon wrote:

So if they were carving the symbols / shapes over an extended period of time, that might make a lot of sense, connecting one cycle to another. Maybe if you were nomadic, only passing a particular outcrop once every year, then you would indeed add to it (casually or in some important ritual) every year, to mark that you'd been there. Or whatever.

Does that not sound feasible?

Of course it does , just not very romantic .

You mentioned , obliquely , Benny Shanon . A good experienced writer on Ayahuasca , hallucination and realting to this thread , noesis .It has been a fascination a long time and not usually broached in this forum .I agree with Shanon findings , and have seen the same results time and again . No matter how positively life transforming and beneficial some drug induced experiences may be they can result in the experiencer feeling they now know something that is beyond the experience of their peers .This noesis leads to a stronger ego and a belief that their visions are a glimpse into a reality denied to their own and thus everyone else's everyday consciousness .Whilst Shanon accepts the postive effects of A . he denies that it leads to any real knowledge other than of ourselves. Most of us soon learn to avoid that trap it was more common a few decades ago but it's still there . You might believe that you can communicate with animals whilst tripping (or pissed for that matter) or play like a god but you didn't the recordings prove that . Some still fall for it though . "Get out of it and you'll see " , fine , but try the other insight methods too .
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