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A quick sketch
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Re: A quick sketch
Sep 13, 2012, 08:02
bladup wrote:
tiompan wrote:
bladup wrote:
tiompan wrote:
bladup wrote:
tiompan wrote:
Maybe you're starting to get it , what you think or believe doesn't make it so . You seem to get an idea and when the flaws are pointed out ,rather than take stock ,you get in fluster and try to defend it even more but not with an argument just bluster . You had a opportunity to back up one your beliefs , i.e. put your money where your mouth is , but failed to take it . All the other problems about the idea/dream , iron , other marked rocks , the lack of springs on the map that you suggested was the basis for the mirroring , why anyone should go to the bother in the first place , maybe it was iron deficiency "I know carve a stone " whilst elsewhere sensible people merely moved away if places were toxic (although iron was not a problem ) or learnt and told the kids to avoid them .
What questions ?
Too often what you have believed to have been "knowledge " is a belief and you find it difficult to accept that beacuse it "comes from yourself " it might be wrong .

You think what you want, i say" it's what i think or believe", i don't have nothing to prove to you, and i don't think it's your right to ALWAYS pick fault with my SENSIBLE ideas, if my ideas were right out there i would understand the way you are, but they're not way out there they are always within the realms of it's possible, i know i could write ANYTHING and you'd try to pull it apart, Why do you think you have a right to pull everything i say apart and ram books down my throat, my beliefs come from within me, concentrate on what you know not on what you think i don't.

What books do I ram down your throat ?
What were these questions ?
Nothing I have said about the problems with your idea , which you seem to avoid discussing ,has come from a written source , unlike your idea about the TOL which has .

So someone else has said the same thing??????, it may not be such a bad idea as you thought then, or if it is why don't you go find them and tell whoever the author is how wrong he/she is and leave me alone.

Yes ,others have said the same thing ,about the TOL and not just in general , it's not uncommon the other one is star maps . Did you really not know ? When they actually get tested it never quite works .
The idea of iron poisoning has never been mentioned as far as I know . The other authors were less dogmatic and merely suggested it as a possibility and not here . You make me feel as if I'm picking on you ,I'm not , I'm simply pointing out problems . You don't help by avoiding them and going off on personal tangents .
What were these questions ?

No i really didn't know that had been said before [ why was i told it was a shit idea then? ], i have heard about them been star maps and normal maps but not water/hunting maps and i think the trouble may be that people are expecting map quality on a par with old maps and they forgot we're talking about possible maps 1000's of years older than any known maps, so we may just be looking at it in the wrong way, eg like i said they may be marking underground flows as well as overgrounds using something like dowsing, so unless we know the undergrounds as well it may be that we can't judge them right or wrong, you've been to enough sites to know it's something tiny [ like this ] that we're missing to truly solve the mystery once and for all, i really believe the main things they're for are to find clean water and where the animals are, so therefore water, food and clothes, it's really [maps] for all you need to stay alive, the tree of life one becomes total if you add a little [truly possible] underground stream, what this really needs to prove me right or wrong is rock art experts, water dowsers, landscape experts and animal experts all working together, you know your stuff about rock art, do you know any water dowsers, animal experts and landscape experts you could get together with? and as you know some rock art is quite obvious what it is, like the obvious images of early forts and enclosures in northumberland and southern scotland, they may even show how many huts were in them when they were pecked out, therefore adding weight to the map theory, lots at ilkley seem to show the ring cairns and circles up on the moor before you even get up there, while others seem to show what look more like hut circles [ sometimes it seems with the amount of people who lived in them at the time ], We are so close to working it out, i can feel it in me stones.

It's a shit idea because it's not true .It's , lazy glib , fanciful , misleading and does nothing to advance our understanding of rock art , although if it gets people to actually spend some time and investigate these claims it might make them less likely to simply accept these ideas in future without some investigation .Your mention of underground and hence unseen water courses suggests you have looked at the TOL design and began to realise that what is seen in the landscape does not mirror the design . Not only will you need unseen gravity defying water courses they will also need to cross the Washbourn valley in mid air twice .
Apart from that there are the other problems that have not been addressed .
No it's not tiny , it's a huge problem that we are not very capable and unlikely of solving ,certainly in your and your children's lifetime , if ever . But there are always enough arrogant types who believe it is simple and whose tiresome suggestions take little to refute .
You have still to tell me the titles of the supposed books I keep ramming down your throat and also the questions I didn't answer although if they are “what is the meaning of life , meaning of rock art , what are stone circles for ? etc don't expect an answer .
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