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Re: Detailed pictures
Sep 15, 2012, 17:26
bladup wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
bladup wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
bladup wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
bladup wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
Bladup (Paul), where's your email addy gone? Didn't you have one in your Profile the other day?
Cheers, Roy

No i've never had one, my missus [ or daughter ] once set me up a email address [ as i'm rubbish on computers ] but i don't know how it works, hope you don't mind me asking why do you ask?

Well as we both live in Cornwall I thought it may be nice to chat privately now and again about the things we come across. My addy is in my Profile if you're up for it. It goes no further if you don't wish it to. Cheers.

Hey thanks Roy that's really nice of you, and i'm glad i haven't upset you, as i do feel a connection to you, and do care what you think [ you can probably tell i don't many people! ], like i said even if you don't agree with something you always try to keep an open mind about everything, this is a precious gift you have, i hope you have read how i had my life turned around [on this thread], that night stays with me all the time and i live my life with it always on my mind, as to chatting i'd have to learn how it works and if your ever down this way again and need a hand with anything [eg finding stuff and general help] just give me a shout, as i'm pretty much always free, as after the missus and kids i've devoted my life to these stones [a living sacrifice if you like!], and i do like eye to eye chats a lot because you don't get crossed wires as much, [ i think we could both chat a bit ] when you was down the last time it was only because our dogs are mental that i didn't offer you to put your tent [ i think thats what you had ] in our garden, therefore saving the campsite money , like i said before i think you seem a really great guy, you could teach a few people [me included] a thing or to about disagreeing politely.

Eye to eye chats make a huge difference that's quite true and very often clears the air of any misunderstandings. It also puts faces to names and often those names you don't particularly get on with on forums end up the ones you can relate to in the flesh so to speak.
Care to start a new thread on one of your favourite Cornish sites Paul? Plenty of the guys here have been to Penwith so it should get a good response. I have lots to learn from down there as well

Last week i'd have agreed about everyone on here, but not now, the line was crossed about a mile ago by you know who, i don't even press on his name anymore, as the only thing i've learn't from him in hours of chat is something i could see from the old drawing anyway [zennor], and it's pretty difficult starting a thread when you know people are lined up to shout down ANYTHING you say, i would ask what people think the 2 axes carved in relief on the centre stone at boscawen un is all about, because i also think there's more there as well, in brittany on a lot of standing stones you get bumps sticking out of the stones and these have been interpreted by archaeologists as maybe the breasts of a goddess figure in prehistory [sometimes there's more to the carvings, sometimes not], i think i've found one at boscawen un thus proving a strong link between cornwall and brittany even in the neolithic period, but why should i bother, people are only interested in what they've found themselves, and did you read my life changing experience because i feel things like that are the flipside to your own horrible experience, of which i did ask, but didn't get an answer, so i'll presume wasn't mushrooms anyway and alcohol is the most destructive drug in the world- fact, so anyone who drinks does drugs- fact and therefore can't really say anything about any drug without been a hypocrite [i would forgive polite warnings though] because they've done drugs themselves- alcohol. I know more people that have there lives ruined by alcohol than anything else by far as do most people!!! I add to this site for other people not for myself and just get grief, do you really think it's worth it? i really dislike a few here, so i'm hanging on a thread, and it's only people like you that keep me here, i've been reading this site since 2001 and used to really enjoy it, i only started posting on here when me and a friend found the stones to manton chambered cairn near avebury last year and felt i had something to offer, i've got 1000's and 1000's of lovely photo's of places from all over the country [ you name it, i've been there ] but at the end of the day i lived in megalithic barren lincolnshire so when i was there i felt a bit disconnected, and only enter the standing stone world on trips, but since moving down here i feel slap bang in the middle of it all and feel i've always had loads to offer and have tried, but sometimes feel what i've learn't isn't for here, it's for face to face stuff, as i can make people feel how real it all is, as i said i've been reading this site for 11 years and it used to be fresh and vibrant and now it's bitter and picky [others have said this to], this is also one of the reasons i started posting on here, to try and freshen it up a little bit, but some of these people seem to keen to drag me into there bitter and picky worlds, i think i may just post my pictures on here and leave you all arguing amongst yourselves, we'll see as the only thing stopping me [ apart from you ] is i think that's some peoples agenda to do that, i don't like this and it makes me want to be worse [ which i also feel is on the agenda as well ], if i go they'll win, whatever you think of me, nobody can say i haven't been a breath of fresh air in this stuffy schoolteachery tweed smelling place that it's become over the years, i said the other day if i was cope i'd shut the forum down and leave all the sites, fieldnotes and everything else as it is, the forum isn't about learning anymore it's about older people with closed minds who should know better arguing with younger people and getting glee out of telling them there wrong even though they have NO answers themselves [ so can't even really truly know your wrong anyway ].

I find it a bit difficult answering you Paul in case you take offence, but I think a much more considered approach should be taken when replying to a post that you find difficulty in agreeing with...because someone has disagreed with you. Knowing when to stop and walk away is important otherwise it leads to abuse being hurled about which in effect ruins the thread as a discussion point, certainly for those who were considering joining in. It is very noticable that once the aggro starts the 'joining in' by others disappears. Don't throw everything into one post as people will give up the will to live reading them. But most of all, chill a bit and don't get so angry when you don't hear back what you want to hear. The answer to posts that you don't like or agree with is not to reply to them. You've been like a breath of fresh air since you arrived, please don't spoil it by going OTT. Meant in friendship.

I really don't get why i'm getting this and nobody else, is it all right on here to say someones idea is shit when they can't prove it is [ and then say later it's in loads of books ], if the answers no i think you should be talking to others as well, i like balance in all things and don't mind what you've said as i pretty much agree but i REALLY hope you're going to tell others how rude they are, as i'd never say someones idea is outright shit [ it's downright rude ], i would just think it!! and for the 3rd time have you read about my experience, i read your negative emotional bit and for balance i think you should read my positive story because it's where i come from, i don't need any of this utter crap, arguing with old people with nothing better to do is no longer for me, as i don't know how it's happened anyway, the kids must have been doing my head in, in the summer holidays and i must have used all this to get away from that, there's sheep dogs on telly did you know?

Oh well that's me out then at 66 years of age :-)
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