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A quick sketch
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Re: Detailed pictures
Sep 15, 2012, 16:47
Rhiannon wrote:
(not meant as a windup but) surely you'd get your point over better if you wrote more calmly?

Just because people have different (mainstream?) opinions doesn't mean they're out to get you or they hate you. You must feel you're different to most people in society. you couldn't react like that to all those people you meet in real life?

I'm pretty certain no-one round here wants a dull forum where everyone agrees all the time, I don't at least.

I never mentioned hate and i get my point over in my own way, i don't deal with anybody in society because i AM very different to most people [ and really proud of that ], but class this as big headed if you so choose but the world wouldn't be in the state it's in if everybody was more like me and others like me, and i think my points get to were there meant to go [ like arrows ], and i agree what you say in it would be a dull forum if everybody agrees, but i think your talking to the wrong person as i've never ever told anybody there ideas are shit [ i may think it ] like plenty of people have me, yes actually said that's a shit idea, and then said later that same idea had been in loads of books, that's the main thing people get on here- been told there ideas are shit by people who know nothing themselves and don't offer any answers, so they CAN'T tell you your wrong because they don't know the answers themselves, go though everything i've said and you'll realise there's nothing thats outlandish or COULD'NT be in fact true that i've said.
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