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A quick sketch
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Re: Detailed pictures
Sep 14, 2012, 17:57
nigelswift wrote:

Heres a funny thing. People don't praise being drunk to the skies yet an awful lot of people go out of their way to say how fantastic some other substances are. Not sure why. But in our line of business the great appeal is said to be that you see spirals and other Neolithic motifs. It is said so often that I guess it must be true but 2 things cross my mind:

a. That doesnt prove that spirals in rock art are drug induced. Theres a 50% chance they werent.
b. Even if they are, so blinking what? How does "I see cup and rings when high" add to the worlds understanding of cup and rings?


I have little interest in the visual arts and certainly not anything representational .I do find rock art in situ or pics but not drawings quite trippy and that certainly is part of their appeal .I couldn't care less one way or the other whether the engravers were drunk , stoned or straight there certainly is no evidence for drug /alcohol inspred art here . Stoners do seem particularly reliant on the " halo effect " and find it dificult to believe that s much of their tastes which they imagine to be trippy may not have been created by anyone who wasn't similarly inclined . Zappa is an obvious case , so many white boys were disappointed to discover he had no interest ,but it extended much further into all the arts .
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