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A quick sketch
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Edited Sep 11, 2012, 23:59
Re: A quick sketch
Sep 11, 2012, 23:51
tiompan wrote:

It doesn't take long to make a cup mark but multiple rings are quite time consuming and difficult .
Some markings are on quite prominent rocks in the landscape ,in these cses they are often quite simple cup marks .Often the more complex engravings are on less prominent rocks or in passage graves suggesting that there might be two audiences . Who the markings are intended for in the first case might be anyone but the others suggest something more private , locals who know the landscape or whoever may be allowed access to the passage grave .
The most common motif is asamll group of cup marks sometimes just one , what might that convey , if anything ?
Most people who know about and discover rock art avoid dicussion on "meaning " , if you see a book or article with "the meaning of rock art " in the title you csn be sure whoever wrote it knows very little about the subject .One point that has become clear in the past twenty years is that the medium i.e. the rock shape , surface and cracks /fissures etc dictates much of the message .

I know this discussion is about British rock art, this may be of interst though. I watched 'The Vikings' earlier this evening. Surprisingly, a large part of the programme was about prehistory - Neil Oliver went to Gotland to look at the Faro Rock Carving (Bronze Age) which is submerged under frozen water. He compared it it to other prehistoric Scandanavian rock art and they clearly seem to be images of early long boats - reflecting the long tradition of sea-faring which the Vikings inherited. While on Gotland, Neil Oliver also visited the Ansarve Stone Ship (the first time I've seen it) - something akin to a stone circle but shaped like a ship.
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