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Re: Detailed pictures
Sep 14, 2012, 20:11
bladup wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
nigelswift wrote:
"3000's the most i've had, and i'm one of the sanest and healthest 38 years old you could wish to meet"

Hahahahaha! Thats one of the finest lines in comedy history!

"i can guarantee that over a 1000 it doesn't matter, eg a 1000 is the same as 3000"

Ummm, why did you have 3,000 then?

Also, I can hardly visualise 3,000 mushrooms, let alone imagine eating them. What do you do, make them into soup? Doesnt it get a bit unpleasant after the fifth bowl?

Do you have to add lots of salt? (Salt is bad for you).

Sorry if I seem to be taking the Mick, someone eating 3000 mushrooms in one go is so out of my life experience I just have to ask questions.

I have a son who at 20 years of age was pursuaded. It took him three years to get over it. I'm not into preaching but it's a mugs game and anyone who indulges in it regularly is going down a very steep path to destruction. Fine if it only involves them but it always drags family and friends down with them. To see my son begging me to take the monsters away that were coming out of the wall at him was heartbreaking and no matter how much some may think it 'enlightens' them it will destroy them twice as quickly. There are no excuses unless it if for a purposely controlled reason to ultimately help others. That's all I have to say on it other than that is now past history in his life and we have him back again. More than most I try to be light-hearted in my posts but this is a deadly serious subject that destroys lives.

Saved my life though, there's a flip side to EVERY COIN, we are talking mushrooms here not heroine, which i've never had, apart from the morphine when i had my tonsils out [as it's ok to people then], i said in my post ONLY people with strong minds should even think about it, but at the end of the day people have been doing these things from the dawn of time and will continue to do so till the end, try reading mr copes autobiographies as he explains the good side [for some people ] of hallucinogens far better than i ever could, as it a brillant real life telling of somebody having there mind opened by them and therefore develop a better and more spiritual way of life.

there are those that will never understand, You might as well save your breath.
Some think if you partake in a can of shandy you'll inevitably end up an alcoholic living on the streets quaffing meths. :)
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