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Edited Sep 15, 2012, 19:01
Re: Detailed pictures
Sep 14, 2012, 16:41
Sanctuary wrote:
bladup wrote:
Rhiannon wrote:
frankly I think 100 would be more than ample, I can't imagine I'd ever find my way home again if I took 1000 :)

3000's the most i've had, and i'm one of the sanest and healthest 38 years old you could wish to meet, if you have a strong mind it's not about the amount, i can guarantee that over a 1000 it doesn't matter, eg a 1000 is the same as 3000, and if there was a pot with a 1000000 in it, a cup from it would be just the same as a cup from a pot with over a 1000 in it, once it's in your blood to the max you can't go any further, thats why people don't die from having to many liberty caps, i'd say that's nature way of making them safe for us to eat [ only if you have a strong mind though ].

Why don't you just drink copious amounts of lager like everyone else :-)

Oh i do!!! Everyone does know that mr Cope was a big tripper in his day [ i suggest his autobiographys as they're brilliant] and the modern antiquarian is one of the results of those experiences in his past [tripping opened his mind], ask him if he would have written that book without those experiences, i imagine the answer would be a big fat no.
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