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Re: Taking sides
Sep 15, 2012, 10:46
Sanctuary wrote:
nigelswift wrote:
People can go on about the upside of hallucinogens and even wax lyrical about them but my sympathy is entirely with Sanctuary who has seen the downside. Obvious and boring but true: use of hallucinogenic drugs can precipitate depression, paranoia, prolonged psychotic reaction and schizophrenia. Equally boring but true is if you go on a 'shrooms forum youll see most of the people on there arent wondrous seekers after truth they're mentally immature posey little tossers, which says not a lot for the upside!

Why am I on Sanctuarys side? Not because I'm old Bladup, nor teacherish nor jealous of you - I was trying stuff when all youd ever had was powdered milk! No its cos my brothers schizophrenia was thought to be triggered by LSD at Uni, followed by 35 miserable years before he ended it, so that was a truly ruined life, plus my parents lives and partly mine.

So, take what you like but just shut the fuck up about the upside lest you do untold damage, like someone did to my family, OK?

I'm so very sorry to hear that Nigel. I didn't intend to reply further to this thread but reading your post has made me think again due to the untold sadness your family must have gone though. Please accept my sympathy and condolences, both to you and your family.

None of this is about Sides this isn't a football match, LSD does a lot of harm to a lot of people [ because it's made by criminals and could have all sorts of shit in it, and often has ] , mushrooms ARE NOT LSD, sorry about your family but your story has NOTHING to do with mushrooms that nature gives us, and the dissussion has ONLY been from me about MUSHROOMS, i myself know people fucked up by LSD, but none from mushrooms, before you get so carried away please get your facts right.
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