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Re: Detailed pictures
Sep 14, 2012, 18:15
harestonesdown wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
harestonesdown wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
harestonesdown wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:

I'm not into preaching but it's a mugs game and anyone who indulges is going down a very steep path to destruction. .

That has to be one of the silliest things i've ever read i'm afraid.

It may be fine in Sheffield but it doesn't go down well in my house.

I beg your pardon. ?

Sanctuary just because your son had a bad trip it doesn't follow that everyone will, Similarly not everyone who has a toke on a joint will become a crack addict, well not in the real world anyway.

But it IS the real world isn't it, you are just avoiding the truth. A responsible adult will steer everyone away from any form of illegal or harmful and addictive substance because it can lead to permanent addiction. It's what decent people do not encourage. End of.

It's not my job to preach to those around me, and neither is it yours to judge people of differing opinions, especially when it's obvious you have very little understanding of them.

There is one big difference. I'm right and you're wrong. I think you are the one who has little understanding if you see no harm in it. Maybe others would like to comment on whether encouraging the use of potentially harmful substances is the way forward and harmless. I shan't be going any further with this discussion myself as I have no more to say and go with a 100% clear concience.
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