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Sep 12, 2012, 22:39
harestonesdown wrote:
Having visited the wonderful rock art of the area and indeed the TOL i'd be very interested in seeing and map/RA/water comparison if you have one, either here or via e-mail.
Not to "pick apart" btw, just out of open minded interest in your findings.

Thanks for asking, i first noticed this on site and then when i got home i put my map over the computer screen at the same size, cup marks under map, follow the river washburn around the bottom of the valley from the site and look at the springs coming out of the hills that turn into becks inbetween the hills entering the river on either side of it, the tree of life stone has a central line with lines coming into it on either side [ just like the becks coming off the hills ] and the cups seem to correspond to where the water is coming out of the hills [ it's good but remember they didn't work for os mapping, but it's still very close], on the other side of the carving you have lines enclosing cups, if you look at the map at 212518 and 219515 right near the hunters stones, you'll see the lines of water almost join up and enclose like on the stone, the very little bit missing could be explained by the carvers knowing the water actually meets under the ground [ maybe by an early type of dowsing ], if you then look at the enclosed bit on the stone and map it has springs and wells not joined to the becks and are stand alone just like the carving shows, it's not as accurate as modern maps but is really accurate if you consider these are maybe the first maps in the whole wide world, if we want clean water we turn on the tap or go to the shop, their world was very different to ours as you well know and when you went somewhere new it would be really useful to know [ sometimes life and death ] where the clean water was, especially where there was a lot of iron in the rocks and water just like the area around the tree of life stone, ilkley and a lot of that part of yorkshire where there lots of rock carvings, people can drink what they think is clean water but be dead in weeks from iron poisoning from iron rich water, i also think the badger stone shows watering holes as well so is therefore a stone for showing people the best hunting spots as well, therefore showing clean water and food [ therefore clothes as well ], and thats all you need to live.
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