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Re: Detailed pictures
Sep 15, 2012, 12:31

didn't want to list the sites and photo's for them to rip the shit out of, i have them and they are good but it doesn't matter how good they are there's people here who take absolute glee in ripping ANY idea apart while offering no answers to the question of rock art themselves [ even though they themselves act like experts ],

What most people do before putting ideas into the public domain is rip them to shit beforehand .It seems you don't do that , you come up with an idea and believe it to be true but minus any critical thinking or evidence . This arrogance founded on ignorance leads a few to think they have found solutions /explanations which ultimately never stand up to scrutinty . You won't be the first to think that they have "explained "rock art but like all the other glib simplistic or downright daft ideas you will be wrong .Don't prodcuce the evidence and it will never shown to be wrong and you can continue to live in your fantasy .Produce the evidence if it wrong and it will be torn apart ,that is real life and science , don't whinge about it .If it is correct , wonderful ,one small step forward .You don't deal with criticism or shown to be wrong very well , I imagine you ran away from that at school , ever play any sports , if so how do you handle losing ?
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