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Re: Detailed pictures
Sep 14, 2012, 15:29
nigelswift wrote:
Apart from the features that can only be seen if you eat mushrooms (which I'll obviously have to nip up Malvern Hills this afternoon to kit myself out to see), could you please post links to images of rock art panels depicting the other twenty things you mention?
I say only about half of the carvings are physically real places and the rest abstract images [ 50 50 physical world/ spirit world ], you may joke but go anywhere where there's rock art and mushrooms, brew up about 1000 and i'll tell you, you'll understand rock art in a fuller way after you've looked at the rocks, the hillforts on the rocks [ there's a few ] are mainly in northumberland and southern scotland [but lots of other places as well , the ringcairns and stone circles are shown on rocks on the hillside at ilkley [ and other places like it ] showing you what ritual places are up on the moor, i've also tripped and seen energy match the patterns at rowtor rocks as well, the rest is more for one of the many books i have in me that i keep for a rainy day, or for when i ever need to join the real/shitty world, believe me though i've been visiting them for over 13 years and have seen [ and have photo's ] of everything i listed [at various places], and just one more thing i've seen energy pattens on rocks without carvings, it was there but not as neat [ clear ], so maybe one thing the rock art does is make the energy flow neater and therefore it looks neater and better with the rock art because the carvings help contain the flow of energy [ if i say much more, i'll be losing my pension ], so maybe the ancients were learning to control energy that we in the so called scientific age don't even know is there [ or though everybody knows rocks do contain energy ], now look for that knowledge [of the flows of energy that naturally exist] on a bigger scale with there monuments, especially the stone circles, ring cairns, henges [the biggest energies often but not always follow faults], chambered cairns, cairns, barrows, and sometimes even their settlements and i think you can see evidence for it there as well.
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